As the founder of “Simple School Lunches”, I love to cook for my forever hungry children, seeking out fresh produce from local markets, butchers, and supermarkets, making something that all kids will enjoy. I now share this with busy families through my online school lunch order delivery service. I prepare lunches that are fresh, tasty, cost effective and convenient, delivering them straight to your school in suitably sustainable packaging.

Each week we select and prepare seasonal fruit and vegetables, snacks and 4 main meals from our menu that families and staff can order online. These orders are clearly labelled and delivered to your school in 2 parts, to ensure complete freshness and temperature control:

  • Before 10am (brain food and recess) – Fruit, vegetables, and a snack
  • Before 1.30pm (lunch time) – Main meal

Orders are required to be placed online by 6pm the day prior.